Cal Trisca is situated right next to the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. After running Cal Trisca for 15 years, we have selected the best itineraries of this privileged surrounding.

We have explored the local countryside; we have studied the paths and found the best routes, most of them circular so as not to return on the same path, which is an added advantage.

The peacefulness, the comfort, good food and the wonderful surroundings of our guest-house are reasons enough to believe that Cal Trisca is the ideal place to be enjoy these walks and country rambles. They are short treks, all within easy reach.

The north slope of the Cadi-Mountain can be a complex terrain. We believe that to be able to really enjoy this county it is important to avoid any difficulties, so Cal Trisca encourages you to use the “Trisca_Track”, -GPS' Treks and Waypoints of 15 itineraries in our area. The GPS could be offered for short itineraries.

Everybody who comes at Cal Trisca and does any one of the itineraries will receive a T-Shirt with the logo “Trisca_Track”.


Walking routes:

2 h.
Penyes Altes de Moixeró
3 h.
Cava - Ansovell
3 h. 25 min.
Vall de Pi
3 h. 30 min.
Coll de Jussana - Prat de Cadí
3 h. 45 min.
Tossa d'Alp
3 h. 47 min.
Els collets del Cadí
4 h.
Vall de Ridolaina
4 h.
Puig de Terrers
4 h. 30 min.
4 h. 40 min.
Els collets del Moixeró
5 h. 35 min.
Vall de Bastanist  
6 h. 40 min.


Short itineraries:

Cal Trisca-Sta. Eugènia-Cal Trisca  
1 h. 15 min.
Cal Trisca-Pi-Cortariu-Cal Trisca  
1 h. 15 min.
Cal Trisca-Cortal de l'Oriol-Cal Trisca
2 h.



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